Release: 23.08.2021

Producer: ROUGHSOUND (Turbo&Two)



Are you ready for summer? The track 'ALL WE GOT' by Roughsound will give you the feeling of the summer full of parties and fun that we all miss. Imagine jumping into your car on a hot summer day with you friends, driving on free highways towards your favorite destination. The chilling breeze that comes through the windows is just as refreshing as the atmosphere that the song creates while listening to it. Once at the holiday destination, the track draws to a close like the day. The song's outro accompanies you while you enjoy the colorful last rays of the sunset and look forward to a fresh start of a new journey in the morning.


Hesse & Fordt GbR

Räriner Str. 39

58849 Herscheid


(+49) 179 9785828

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